Arkansas Wood Manufacturers Association
Established in 1993
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To be eligible for voting membership you must manufacture a value-added product in Arkansas. Suppliers, sawmills that produce and sell raw lumber without further processing, retailers, and any others interested in promoting Arkansas’ wood products industry are invited to join as associate members.

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Did You Know?
 Over 50% of Arkansas is forested (more than 18.3 million acres).
 Over 90% of forested acreage in Arkansas is privately owned.
 The Ouachita and Ozark–St. Francis National Forests (2.3 million acres) provide recreational and wildlife benefits as well as forest products and jobs for thousands of people.

Welcome to AWMA 

Welcome to the new Internet home of the Arkansas Wood Manufacturers Association. With the growing popularity and functionality of the Internet, the AWMA is now offering resources unparalleled to any other organization of its type in the world. We hope you find your visit to our website both interesting and informative.

The Arkansas Wood Manufacturers Association (AWMA) was established in 1993 for the purposes of:

  • providing the latest information, technology, training and market data.
  • strengthening and expanding the wood products industry by promoting the quality, quantity and versatility of Arkansas wood products for the benefit of Arkansas wood manufacturers, employees, customers, investors, and the general public.
  • providing information and services to members that will reduce costs, expand markets, and improve the industry's competitiveness in global markets.
  • encouraging sustainable utilization of lumber and other wood products.
  • solving problems of mutual concern to the association's members.

There are approximately 750 Arkansas wood product manufacturers producing products from veneer to furniture, pallets to giftware, and trusses to Cabinets. Together the industry employs some 17,000 workers, providing 15% of Arkansas' durable goods manufacturing jobs.